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Strategic Management and Performance Monitoring
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Our Story

GEP focus on providing to its customers and partners the capacity of managing their business with speed and excellence.

Our Vision

With GEP, managers can have a clear view of their operations, anticipating mistakes, strategic actions, and achieving better results on their businesses.


The platform organizes and centralizes the corporate information, providing the managers an analysis of the main strategic pillars, in an interactive, objective and organized way, supporting the whole process of decision making.

Who are we

How it works


GEP is a platform for managing corporate performance and accounting information, which demonstrates in a simple and consolidated manner the main indicators and results of companies. 

How it works


The GEP solutions are all cloud-based, integrating data from multiple databases, without the interference or need for human manipulation, all in real time, ensuring quality and reliability in the information.

  • User Partner Basic

    Every month
    Manage your Clients
  • User Business

    Every month
    Consolide as informações de sua empresa e conecte a especialistas
  • User Partner Advanced

    Every month
    Include Landpage and Domain

Ivan Frank, FL

“We are using GEP for 2 years and I Love to Follow my Infos with the Dashboard and GEP Show."

Luis Ciocler, SP

"GEP make part of my routine to compare my goals with my results."

Irvando Secco, SP

“We are consolidate all my business in a unique place. I love to use GEP”
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